DueUtil 3.0
The Worst Discord Bot
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DueUtil 3.0


DueUtil is a fun Discord bot for your server.
It does not promise to provide you anything useful but you may be able to have some fun with it.
DueUtil adds quests, battles and wagers that you can create and customize.
For more information look at the "how to" guide!

DueUtil has a bunch of commands that you can mess around with!
Some commands require you to be a Due Commander or to have manage server permissions.
You can see the full list by following the link below!
How to
Don't understand any of this junk?!
Fear not there is a simple guide for getting started with the bot or setting it up on your server!
Take a look at the link below!
The leaderboard ranks all players (starting with the top players) active in the last hour across all servers with the bot!
It's ranked on total player exp that you gain from chatting, completing quests and training.
Top dog!
The top dog is player that currenly has the "top dog" award.
If you want to keep the award you have to battle for it!
The current top dog is:
and they are the 41642nd to be top dog!
Support server
Want to hate on MacDue or help with the bot join the offical support server.
We have all the worst quests and weapons created by random people.
About Due
DueUtil is written in discord.py and hopes to be at least kinda fun to mess around with. It has lots features and more can suggested via the suggest command!